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Hot Doug's
Chicago’s a pretty magical place. I mean, it’s given us so much... Obama, Oprah, … Doug. And if the line wrapping around the corner was any indication, it’s not necessarily in that order. My Grub buddies Scott and Blake raved about the spot, and I’m pretty sure you will too my friend. If not for one simple reason, and say it with me class … Duck… Fat… Fries. Sound amazing? We’ll that’s because they are amazing. Doesn’t sound amazing? That’s because you lived under power lines as kid. Make sure you hit up Doug’s on Friday or Saturday, because, otherwise, it’s regular fries for you… which we might add, are a masterpiece unto themselves. But the crispy, savory, the-gods-don’t-have-it-this-good, fries are just one of the many reasons to hit up Hot Doug’s. The others? Well I think someone else said it best… “There are no two finer words in the English language than, ‘encased meats,’ my friend.” And at Hot Doug’s they’re proving it to be an art form. Of course they’ve got the staples of hot doggery… The Dog (a Chicago dog loaded with tons of fixins’ and the traditional kelly-green relish), The Elvis (Polish sausage), and dozen other standard… if standard could blow your mind… varieties. But they also kick it up a notch with their rotating premium options. We threw down a Thai dog with seaweed slaw and a duck sausage topped off with foie gras. Trust us, with each bight after delicious bight, we just started laughing at how good this place is. Oh, and this might be the time to mention that we waited in the line for an hour… in the rain… uphill… both ways (well maybe not the uphill or the both ways part, but it was raining)… and it was way more than worth it. Add to the great food the sheer presence of Doug himself… running the register, greeting each customer, and truly making the incredible, Grub-tastic experiences, one of the most memorable Grub spots of the young Good Grub’s journey. If you live in Chicago…  you’ve got no excuse. If you’re visiting Chicago… you’ve got no excuse. If you live within 100 miles of an airport… you’ve got no excuse… but to make a Grub-pilgrimage to this holy land of the hot dog. Because now you know Doug… and trust us… Doug knows Grub.

Hot Doug's
3324 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL
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