The Good Grub
Everyone knows your real childhood memories are from high school and college ... new adventures, experimentation, discovering new things about ... GRUB!  And for us, that part of our life is all about the greatness that is Freebirds ... and hell, who are we kidding, it's still all about Freebirds.  Because whether it's a high school don't-tell-the-parents-we're-going-to-UCSB run, a college heading-down-to-see-buddies run, or an I'm-driving-on-the-101-anywhere-near-Santa-Barbara run ... it's important to plan your adventure around Freebirds.  In a nutshell, it's a 24 hour Mexican joint serving up giant burritos, piled high nachos, and our personal favorite, stuffed-with-more-junk-than-a-junior-high-training-bra quesadillas.  As we eluded to it above, The Good Grub discovered this place back in the good ol' days of high school, driving up to Isla Vista for a little ... um ... higher education?  Well let's just say Freebirds' taught us more about life than any US History or Geometry teacher ever could ... and drunk food is delicious!  But without hesitation, this stuff is AMAZING ... any time of day, any hunger level, any blood alcohol level.  Ever been waiting in line, waiting to order, and realize that if you don't swallow soon, your mouth watering-with-anticipation will surely drown you before too long?  What? ... Never happened to you? ... Well, you've clearly never waited in line at Freebirds, eying down the massive assembly-line style of Mexican glory.  Pick your vessel (burrito, nachos, or, as we mentioned, our pick ... the quesadilla), then load it up with as much beans (black, pinto, or sticky-icky re-fried), rice, cheese, fresh salsas, lettuce, sour cream, onions (raw or deep-fried), cilantro, and a healthy thwap of guacamole ... if you know what you're doing.  And if you really want to look like a local, go for one of their hybrids.  Like a "quesarito"... basically a quesadilla with all it's melty cheesiness ... then opened up, filled up, and rolled into burrito glory.  Because why would you want to eat a burrito that doesn't have a metly layer of cheese in every bite?  And now you've got a little idea why I bounce with excitement when I get a chance to go back to this place ... and if you don't yet ... you will soon.  Because the Grub is coming, and Freebirds is bringing it strong!